Scottish rock band Anchor Lane unveil their eagerly awaited debut  album, Casino. Packed with  immense sounding up-tempo  tracks it showcases the band as  exceptional rock musicians and  skilled songwriters. 

The album was written by singer  Conor Gaffney, guitarist  Lawrence O’ Brien, bassist Matthew Quigley and drummer  Scott Hanlon in Glasgow and  recorded at Vale Studios in the  Midlands with renowned rock  musician, writer and producer  Toby Jepson (Wayward Sons,  Gun, Little Angels). Casino is a sonically exhilarating  album from the band who take influences from Royal Blood,  Nirvana, Soundgarden and The  Foo Fighters.  

On working with producer Toby Jepson, Conor said, “We learned so much from Toby. His ability to take  a song and flip it on its head was so inspiring to us.”  Toby said, “Before I commit to working with a band, I need to get a sense of whether they have a genuine  vision and something to say. When I heard the demos I knew there was some intuitive and intelligent  writing going on.”

Rock legend Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, The Almighty) co-wrote two tracks on the  album. Hook-driven opener Blood & Irony which features intoxicating howling vocals that showcase  Gaffney’s prowess as a frontman and the incredibly catchy  stadium-rock Dead Run which also features Warwick on backing vocals.  

On writing with Ricky Warwick, Lawrence said, “Ricky’s direct approach to song writing was  fascinating. He taught us to accept the simplicities and imperfections in the songs and it made them  stronger.”  

Ricky said, “Anchor Lane are everything a rock band should be. They have attitude, ability, swagger and  most importantly songs… their passport to a very bright future is assured.” 

Despite being in their early twenties, there’s a maturity to Anchor Lane’s song writing. They don’t shy  away from tackling difficult subjects as Casino’s themes include toxic relationships, addiction and the  death of a close friend.  

First single Fame Shame condemns modern society’s fascination with social media and reality  television. Scott said, “It’s about waking up to the fact that while you’re watching someone else’s life on  the internet your own life is passing you by.”  

The album’s title is a metaphor for the ever-changing music industry explained Matthew, “We called  the album Casino because in this industry you either go all in or you leave the table. We gladly left our  jobs to concentrate on writing the album. It’s a high-risk high-reward gamble but we’re here for the right  reasons.”  Toby Jepson adds, “When I met the guys, they said ‘We want to change the world, we want to write  something that makes a difference.’ They’re ambitious with strength of character and real vision. This is  their first album and judging by the material they’ve come up with so far, they have a very big future.” 

Anchor Lane came to the public’s attention in 2017 with the release of their 4-track EP New Beginning.  Since then, they have toured incessantly scoring notable guest spots with Cheap Trick, Eagles of Death  Metal and Tremonti. The band have garnered an impressive reputation as a thrilling and dynamic live act and have notched up significant appearances at renowned rock festivals including Download, Isle  of Wight, Stone Free, Belladrum and Hard Rock Hell.  

Casino – Track Listing: 

1. Blood & Irony 

2. Fame Shame 

3. Voodoo 

4. Casino 

5. Clocks  

6. Stone Cold Hearted 

7. Shell Of Me 

8. Flatline 

9. Dead Run (featuring Ricky Warwick)  

10. Honey