“Everybody Gets The Blues” is the title track of a forthcoming album Jimmy is working hard to complete.

What do you say when you get very bad news from the doctor?

Jimmy C’s new single ‘Everybody Gets The Blues…. Sometimes’ was his answer, after he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59.

Similarly, he cut the preceding single ‘Blue Sunrise’ literally hours before a complicated surgery a year before that

And now he is working on an album inspired by his recent experiences.

Anglo-Canadian blues rocker Jimmy Coletsis (aka Jimmy C) was all set to mark the end of lockdown by celebrating his 20th anniversary with tour dates in the UK, Russia, Germany, Greece and France.

His life has always been on stage, playing gigs and touring, so lockdown came as a shock, but not for too long.

He set about organising four successful Jimmy C and The Blues Dragons Picnics (together with his bass playing band member and friend Paul Soper) outside his local church in Crouch End, St Mary’s Tower London N8 called ‘The Intimate Space’. 

The Blues Picnic’s grew very popular with a simultaneous streaming on facebook reaching an online audience of over 3500.

Unfortunately the highly popular picnics were stopped by the new lockdown. Since then he has been focusing on recording his new songs and waiting for the spring and summer to bring the picnics to even a new level.

‘Everybody Gets The Blues’ was recorded in Samos, Greece, in a studio of a local musician and friend Christos Fakas.

Well known for his high-energy fun filled and joyous live shows – always delivered with a smile – Jimmy is carrying on as best he can.

He’s already cut a 3rd track called ‘Jakob Walker’,  inspired by a story of a slave buried in an old cemetery next to St Mary’s Tower (home of the blues picnics). He’s also working on a jumpy track  called ‘Gambler’s Blues’, as part of the  forthcoming album he is working all hours on to finish.

Jimmy C came to the UK from Vancouver, Canada, via Japan – the long way round. He discovered the British Blues Boom in Canada and followed it to its source, playing the music with the original American blues artist’s ethos, which is always to entertain!

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